UK Digital Video and TV 2018: Marketers’ Focus Turns to Quality and Long-Form Content
UK Digital Video and TV 2018: Marketers’ Focus Turns to Quality and Long-Form Content

UK Digital Video and TV 2018: Marketers’ Focus Turns to Quality and Long-Form Content

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WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report examines the UK digital video and TV market, based on eMarketer’s most recent digital video viewer forecast. It looks at who’s watching, how and where they’re watching, and what it all means for marketers.

Consumers in the UK are watching more digital video content than ever before. What they’re watching is changing, though, with long-form becoming increasingly important—something that marketers have noted with interest.

  • Traditional broadcast TV remains the most common type of video content consumption in the UK, but time spent with the medium is declining, while digital video viewing time is on the up. Younger age groups are driving this change.
  • The demise of the television set has been vastly exaggerated. Though mobile video viewing is rising fast, the preponderance of smart TVs and connected TV peripherals, like Chromecast, means the TV set is a central actor in the digital video landscape.
  • A rich and diverse on-demand environment in the UK has helped quality, long-form content maintain a firm foothold, no matter the device used to consume it. Even among younger generations, it isn’t all about short, user-generated content.
  • Digital video ad spend has grown rapidly alongside these advanced consumer habits. However, following some of the high-profile missteps seen on YouTube last year, something of a recalibration is underway. Marketers are keener than ever to be associated with quality, long-form content, while user-generated environments are being approached with caution.
  • The future of video advertising in the UK may lie somewhere between the worlds of traditional TV and hypertargeted digital.


  1. The Digital Video Viewer Breakdown: Who’s Watching?
  2. Device Trends: Smartphone Viewing on the Rise, but so Is Big Screen Usage
  3. Platform and Content Trends: The Rise of Quality, Long-Form Video
  4. Marketer Trends: Putting Quality Before Quantity
  5. Key Takeaways

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