Mobile Measurement and Targeting: Eight Challenges Advertisers Face
Mobile Measurement and Targeting: Eight Challenges Advertisers Face

Mobile Measurement and Targeting: Eight Challenges Advertisers Face

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WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? Eight challenges of mobile measurement and targeting, and how the industry is addressing each.

Despite rapid growth, mobile advertising has been hampered by fragmented formats and standards, which limit what marketers can do with the newer and richer types of marketing data available in mobile. Full consolidation of standards is still years away, but improved measurement and transparency will help marketers make some progress in 2018.


  • On mobile, apps and websites track identity and measure performance in their own way, making identity resolution and attribution more difficult than in a desktop environment. Consolidation with common standards has begun, but much more needs to occur.

  • Lack of transparency of publisher data is a huge issue for mobile marketers, and it contributes to ad fraud and poor targeting. Media Rating Council (MRC) guidelines and auditing tools have made a difference, but acceptance is still early, with viewability a notable exception.

  • Most of the impact of mobile advertising occurs away from smartphone screens, in the physical world or on other devices. As marketers demand proof of performance, mobile platforms are offering cross-device and online-to-offline (O2O) services.

  • More than three-fifths (62%) of US publishers use geotargeting, but the bigger value of location data may come in building better audience segments and a deeper understanding of consumer journeys.

  • As personalization improves, advertisers need to scale creative in numerous platforms and are turning to dynamic creative, which is still more difficult on mobile than on desktop.


  1. Mobile Measurement and Targeting: Eight Challenges Advertisers Face
  2. Mobile Measurement and Targeting: Eight Challenges
  3. No. 1: The Thickets of Identity Resolution
  4. No. 2: Finding that Elusive Common Ground in Measurement
  5. No. 3: Publishers Are Coy with Data
  6. No. 4: Ad Fraud
  7. No. 5: Measuring Off-Device Actions
  8. No. 6: Improving Targeting via Location Data
  9. No. 7: Finding the Right Moment
  10. No. 8: Personalization that Scales
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