Amazon Prime Day 2018: Unboxed Prime Day Results and What They Mean for Marketers

Amazon Prime Day 2018: Unboxed Prime Day Results and What They Mean for Marketers

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WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This follow-up to our Amazon Prime Day 2018 report, which focused on our pre-event expectations and their implications for marketers, analyzes the results of Prime Day 2018 to better understand how consumers shopped and bought on Amazon and other retailers’ sites during the promotion. 

Executive Summary

Amazon held its fourth annual Prime Day in mid-July, and the results show why this new retail phenomenon is important, not only for Amazon but for competing retailers as well. With back-to-school season upon us and the holiday season looming, our analysis of Prime Day 2018 provides marketers with critical insights into how Amazon is shaping demand, engaging shoppers, driving conversions and creating loyalty.

Was Amazon Prime Day 2018 a success?

According to Amazon, Prime Day ranked as its biggest day ever for new Prime memberships, driving continued gains in the popular loyalty program.

What products sold the most on Amazon Prime Day 2018?

Consumer electronics was the leading product category on Prime Day, and the list of top-selling products on Prime Day was dominated by Amazon-branded electronics. The Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote was the No. 1 overall seller, while Echo and Kindle devices also proved popular.

Which other retailers did well on Amazon Prime Day 2018?

Retailers like Walmart, Target and eBay also fared well on Prime Day, engaging in competitive promotions that spurred big gains in traffic and higher-than-average conversion rates.

How many US Amazon Prime users are there?

We forecast that the number of Amazon Prime users in the US will reach 109.5 million this year and climb to 128.2 million by 2020.


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