Affluents in France, Germany and the UK: Savvy and Demanding, Both Online and Offline
Affluents in France, Germany and the UK: Savvy and Demanding, Both Online and Offline

Affluents in France, Germany and the UK: Savvy and Demanding, Both Online and Offline

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WHAT’S IN THIS REPORT? This report looks at the digital and offline habits of affluent consumers in Western Europe’s three largest markets, and the way the age profile of this cohort is changing. It also explores affluents’ expectations relative to brands.

Consumers at the higher end of the socioeconomic scale in France, Germany and the UK tend to overindex for digital engagement, yet they are also loyal to TV and other traditional media. Affluents’ expectations make them a difficult target for brand marketers, though.

  • Defining affluence is complicated, especially when the UK, France and Germany use varying standards to measure socioeconomic status. And of course the “mass affluent” are quite different from the truly wealthy. Nonetheless, we do see many common behaviors across the affluent spectrum.
  • Predictably, affluent consumers are more likely than lower-income individuals to have a high-speed internet connection at home—or indeed more than one connection—and to use advanced digital devices such as smartphones and tablets. As a group, the affluent are more likely to have multiple web-enabled devices and also tend to spend more time online.
  • Many people with significant disposable income are early adopters of new gadgets and technologies. From smart speakers to smart cars to the sharing economy, this is a cohort that’s well-engaged with leading-edge tech and services.
  • Traditional media such as TV, radio and print remain very popular among affluent consumers, though. After all, many affluents are older adults enjoying the fruits of a lifetime earning and/or saving; this is especially clear in Germany.
  • Older people may have dominated the affluent demographic for years, but Generations X, Y and Z are already transforming the landscape for high-end brands and services. These consumers often have little interest in the history of brands; they prefer brands to offer memorable experiences, as well as social status.


  1. Getting a Handle on the Many Flavors of Affluent
  2. Affluents in France
  3. Affluents in Germany
  4. Affluents in the UK
  5. Marketing to Affluents
  6. Key Takeaways

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